Saturday, 20 May 2017

Me made May 2017 Weekly wrap 3

Hi there. Here we are at the end of week three and almost at the end of May. Oh dear, I am a bad diarist. I had some very early starts for work this week so these were taken this morning. I'm enjoying finding new ways to wear my stuff and even rediscovering boots I have not worn in ages.
One new item made this month is this black and white knit skirt. It's already a favourite. The pattern is New Look 6107 a simple straight skirt with back vent. I actually bought the pattern for the blouse which I want to make later. The skirt material is a thick loose weave knit from Spotlight. I used elastic in the waistband instead of a zip which would have unsuitable for this material. 

During the week I tried out B6024 as a winter outfit. I also made the scarf.

I also rediscovered my velvet version of Butterick 5958 jacket. I'd forgotten how warm it was.

That's all folks..all I had time to photograph anyway!

p.s. I am going to Melbourne for a short break next weekend and to see the Van Gogh exhibition at the NGV. Looking forward to it but what are other Melbourne must sees? 

Have a good week,

Friday, 12 May 2017

Me made May 2017 Weekly wrap 2

I've been following a few of my favourite people on instagram and they are posting wonderful things for me made may.

I don't have much to report this week as I am trying not to post repeats of outfits but I did manage to get out a dress that's been languishing in my wardrobe since I got back to Australia after working in England. I made this in 2011  :0   I bought the material over there and made the dress on a very basic second hand sewing machine using just straight and a zig zag stitches. Hard to get more basic than that but in reality, for a stable knit, that's all you need.

Knit dress, pattern M1163 made from winter 2011/2012 My Image magazine  My Image 

Then there's two un blogged tops, both very basic basics from my two current favourite TNT's.

Simplicity 1366 above and New Look 6735 below

Even the same pose... grab and go stuff

I know they fit and I can alter them to get the looks I need. I'm planning to be a bit more creative with the looks next week and here are a few projects in the pipeline. 

Thanks for visiting,
Happy sewing,

Friday, 5 May 2017

Me made may, weekly wrap.

Here's the Saturday wrap.
Today I am wearing a previously unblogged retro top made from striped knit viscose and a thrift shop  pattern find, Burda 4410. It's one of the old ones where you had to add your own seam allowances. I tried my best to make the stripes match. It's my latest cycle to the shop outfit.

During the week I wore one of my favourite jackets B5958 originally made with a zip that gave me endless trouble catching on the wool and I finally replaced it with big black snaps. I love this pattern.

Then there was one of my many Cynthia Rowley tops. 

And finally, my recently posted recycled denim skirt.

My aim next week is to move away from my TNT's and get out some of my other stuff!
Till then have a happy time sewing,