Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Dear Reader

Dear reader/lurker/accidental drop in from addresses where I have left comments under the name of this blog, welcome.
I had my previous blog for almost a week and it came to a sudden death due to my technical inexperience. I am not computer savvy dear friend. Being middle aged and almost completely self taught, it is a wonder that I am sitting at a computer at all. However the world is out there, through this window and it is too good an opportunity to ignore.
When I first started surfing the net I came upon sewing pattern websites and thought that was good, then through one of those I stumbled upon PatternReview.com when it was still fairly new. The joy I felt when I came across that sewing community was immense. I was thrilled. My goodness there were people out there that had multiple machines and rooms full of fabric. Oh my! There were people out there that were way beyond me in skill and also sewing beginners that were so innovative it took my breath away. There were other communities and websites and blogs.
Ah, blogs the brave new world. Once I thought blogs were an extravagance, then I found out they were yet another way of communicating and sharing ideas. Another set of tenous links in this ethereal community. I want to be part of it, dear reader. So, barely knowing how to upload photograhs to google, I set up this blog and did a few posts. Then I tried to improve the look of my amateur little blog and made a mash of it. I have deleted it and this is me, starting again.
This blog won't set the world on fire. I am not the most technically expert, or the most stylish or the most creative. I have no gimmick, no hook. I am a very visual creature and love the world of photography. I am good at sewing, I have done it for a long time. I am fair at photography, especially now that I have a decent digitial camera.
What I can tell you is I love the craft of sewing, the art of choosing a design and fabric and sewing what suits me and my lifestlyle. I want to dress this shorter-than-average body of mine in a way that flatters me and makes me happy. I want to look smart/casual/elegant. I want to look my age but not old-ladyish. I want to share what I am doing, my thoughts and a few of my photos. If you read this and enjoy it, please let me know.

With thanks,
ps and this time I will get someone to help me sort out my gadgets from my widgets.


  1. I've just found your blog and have enjoyed reading your posts.

  2. Sue, welcome. Thank you for leaving a comment. Blogging is fun isn't it?