Monday, 12 July 2010

Burda 123/04/2010 progress notes

My green shimmery trench coat is coming along nicely but even though the pattern itself is much less invloved than the Vogue 2449 trench, I've still had a bit of trial and error with it, trying to construct the sleeves in the wrong order, unpicking them and redoing the construction of the coat in the order that the Burda instructions say to do. How's that! The instructions are not only useful but crucial.
I'm on the lining now, even though this coat doesn't include lining. How could I not line it? It's the finishing touch and I have dark blue lining from the stash. I've chosen dark blue buttons that almost look jelly like in real life. They'll give it all a bit of contrasting edge.
I ended up buying a thrift shop belt and recovering it with a bias strip of the green fabric. So much for keeping this simple but I'm happy with how it's coming along.

The coat, after I'd pinned the hem and tried it on. Off to change my serger threads.

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