Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Japanese Beauty

I love the Japanese sensibility of seeing beauty in simple things. How they can take a simple idea and then build on it to make something intricate and yet somehow elegant and uncluttered.

This, by the way is a shot of the interior of the Itchiko Kubota Art Museum.
It is near Mount Fuji and looks like it would be well worth a visit if ever in Japan. *sigh*

Itchiko Kubota was a master craftsman, creating astonishing pieces like this. Each kimono was made up first out of plain silk then died, inked, knotted, steamed, embroidered and generally painted into a work of fabulous art. When he died he had sixty apprentices, so his genius lives on.
Some more photos:

As you can see he did series of kimono painted in continuous landscapes. Last year an exhibit of thirty of his kimono titled "Symphony of Light" toured America. http://www.cantonart.org/32
I'll stop now before this starts to sound like an art lecture but you've got to admit they are lovely.

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