Thursday, 8 July 2010

Oops I'm doing it again

Dear Reader
After saying I would not sew another trench for a while, here I am Doing It Again
The latest issue on sale here on the newsstands is 4/2010.

I don't subscribe because I know I will never get around to sewing garments from each issue. I tend to only buy three or four per year but I caved in when I saw this one. Part of it may have been the fact that I met a friend for coffee in a large bookstore here and temptation was very firmly in my path. The garment that caught my eye was the trench 123.

The photo of the garment was also cute.

And I had the perfect stash material in a firm but lightweight material that would take the sleeve pleat.

The material looks green but it is very unusual. The warp or longwise threads are royal blue and the weft threads are yellow and the whole thing has a slight emerald shimmer effect when the material is moved. I bought it about two years ago from a bargain table - I'm a good material bargain hunter - for about two dollars per metre. I'll throw this one together instead of agonising over every step and if it doesn't work out it won't be expensive material wasted. Off to sew.


  1. YOur fabric really sounds special. Looking forward to see this one finished. I would like to sew a trench in fall (given time) and still doubting which pattern to use.

  2. Thank you Sigrid. There are so many lovely trench patterns aren't there? I managed to do the welt pockets - which I hate - today - so it'll speed up from here.

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