Tuesday, 6 July 2010

What not to wear

Continuing on from my musing about what not to wear even if one can technically get away with it

I ran up another view of the Vogue 7937 skirt. Now, dear reader, this is a perfectly fine, nicely drafted pattern and I liked the flippy fishtail back on View D, but once I made it up in a winter material, in the leftover grey ponti, and tried it on me with boots and a top and a jacket I had to concede that it just did not work. I'll spare  you the pictures as I do have some vanity to speak of. It just made me look short and chunky and well, not good.
Also this flowy fishtail back needs a softly flowing woven.
so I thought aha I'll style it as a summer skirt and see if it works. This is the best I could come up with:

Pardon the crooked A$$ shot.
But there's more:
Um, not really but if you don't try you never know I guess. There was a happy outcome, when I showed the skirt to my daughter she was glad to take it and she makes it work as a winter outfit with very high heeled boots and a black jacket. If I can pin her down for five minutes I'll get a shot of it. Oh to be taller, slimmer and dare I say it - younger. Ah well back to the drawing board.


  1. Arrgghhhhh! Foo! I hate it when I have my mind set on a item of clothing at it turns out all wrong for me! BTW, How are you??? I am off to New York in a few weeks to go back to university!

  2. Annika! Hello! As you can see I've finally made to blog world. I'm just fine! I envy your jetsetting!