Friday, 2 July 2010

Whose shoes are whose?

As a follower of Peter Lappin's highly entertaining blog (see my blog roll) I love his cousin Cathy's adventures. Honestly, when I wasa child watching The Patty Duke show, where Patty's cousin could pass as her twin, I wanted to be Cathy, especially the bit about having travelled and lived everywhere *sigh*. So when Cathy turns up wearing shoes out of my closet I had to say something.
This picture is. of course from Peter's latest review of his creations. Note the shoes.

And this picture is my shoes, which were hiding in the bottom of my wardrobe. I think my legs are almost as good as Cathy's.
The heater is in my sewing/computer nook because we are having the coldest winter for 60 years, honestly below freezing night temperatures here in sunny Sydney. Good weather for blogging though. Bye!


  1. Love the shoes and always on the look out for Cathy.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the pic and welcome to my follower roll! Number one!

  3. They are cute shoes, but Cathy totally vamps them.