Sunday, 1 August 2010

More Japanese Inspirations

Dear Reader
Some time ago when I was in the city I dropped into Tessuti, one of my two very favourite material stores in Sydney. Tessuti is where  I go if I want something special. For about a year now they have been carrying Mrs Stylebook magazine. I found Stylebook fascinating but easy to resist. Quirky off the wall fashion designed for the Japanese market does not always translate to the western body. ( well body.. that is) and the prohibitive cost and no English directions sealed the deal. There was one magazine that had a dress with an inverted funnel over the stomach. Innovative with a capital 'I'. I wish I'd taken photos. Some other stuff was nice, loose peasant pants and such.
Then I saw a book called 'drape drape' by Hisako Sato. ISBN978-4-579-11253-1 I'd tell you the publisher but I can't. Everything but the book title and the names of the garments is in Japanese.

Reader as you can see I bought the book because in amonst the unusual, floaty designs

and very bare designs

were some classically beautiful ones.

With line drawings

All the instructions of course, are in Japanese. I didn't care.Then at the back I found the patterns! Yes!
Even though they are all in one colour and will be twice as hard to trace as the new Burda's it is a lot easier than just having diagrams.

Oh and in amongst the quirky obligatory diaper pants - albeit with a nice top...another lovely dress.

No the model doesn't have six foot long legs.My photography is from a strange angle because the pages were all very glossy and this tended to cause flaring. Here's another cute dress...

You know why I couldn't resist? I've bought a book of ideas. The drape is already evident in the current pattern books. See B5329

or Vogue 1087, the drape stylised.

and lastly McCall 6069 with draped cowl at the front and back neck. My daughter tried a style like this on in a designer store and asked me to knock it off. I'm ordering this pattern.

So, although there is a little bit of winter left, it's going to be a drapey summer.


  1. Wow that is a great book! I'm so envious, that you can just walk into a shop and look at it before you buy it. And actual patterns! I shall have to splurge, if I find a place where they have it.

  2. Me again, I found it, they had free shipping, but I needed to order just a leetle bit more, now I'll get Drape Drape II as well. While I don't blame you, it cannot be my responsibility, can it?

  3. Always happy to enable..I mean Inspire :)