Saturday, 28 August 2010

A Question about Silk

Stash silks waiting to be sewn

In a previous entry I mentioned that I have plans to make a jacket from some lovely silk velvet. My plan is to keep with the soft drapey nature of the material and not do much in the way of inner construction apart from interlining the whole jacket with silk organza bought online from Dharma Trading cheaper than I could buy it here. I hate paying too much for fabric and trust me, I research these things.
Also while searching under 'sewing with silk' I found this website with some useful information. If you read the bit about lining it says "Do not be tempted to line your silk garment with a synthetic lining" but to use silk.
Well my fellow sewists, to be honest before I read this I would have used a good quality (but synthetic) lining like Sunsilky. Does it really matter?
Should I just get sewing and do a normal lining...and just get on with it... We are talking PITA to sew velvet here. Or really lash out seeing I'm already interlining with silk - another first for me.
Has anyone actually sewn a silk lining?


  1. Valerie, I can't wait for you to post more about working with all those beautiful silks in your photo. I am venturing into silk painting here very soon (just ordered supplies from dharma trading company, actually!) and I would love some advice on sewing silk. Also, I just ordered a silk twill to sew as a lining in my Lady Grey coat for the sew along, so I will be trying a silk lining soon.

  2. Thanks and yes I've decided to go all out and do a silk lining too.

  3. Valerie, I just gave you an award on my blog. I enjoy all of your helpful comments. Thanks!