Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Some Simple Sewing

Dear Readers
While drooling over lovely drape drape patterns I was sewing up some simple work wear for my daughter.

This top is from the now out of print Vogue 2759. Since the photo I have taken it in along the arms a bit. I'd modified the pattern by using two of the slightly higher right fronts instead of the right front and the left front which are different in the pattern. I did not include most of the folded facing because I didn't have enough fabric. The result was luckily a drapey crossover that doesn't gape - what my daughter wanted.

There are gathers at the back of the neck. The back seam is another fabric squeezing strategy! 

Although there are pants in the Anne Klein  pattern these black pants are from Burda 8513. The straight skirt is from Burda WOF 104 June 02.

Please excuse the lack of daughter is not the most willing photgraphic subject, which is a pity but she did strip off her weekend jeans to model these with the heater going!
So that's what I've been doing. Bread and butter sewing. More flights of fancy will soon follow I promise!


  1. Hey there aint no shame in bread'n'butter sewing - if I did more of that I might actually get to wear the things I sew.. that colour looks lovely on your daughter and don't we all covet a knit crossover that doesn't gape?

  2. I love Anne Klein patterns, but have completely missed this one. Beautiful top.