Thursday, 9 September 2010

Ready Set Go

Dear People
The silk velvet that I blogged about a few posts ago is lying reproachfully on the back of my lounge, waiting to be made. I got sidetracked with other projects. Isn't it always the way? I always have more projects planned than I can realistically sew. Then I see something else I like. Then I go to myself 'but I need this or this' or 'I'll just sew this first'. I've almost stopped stashing and I'm learning to prioretise. When captivated by something I say to myself 'but will I have time to sew it now' and remind myself to stop.
Here is one of the things I got sidetracked by, a quick little top from New Look 6922.
Please excuse the sewing mess in the background. The material is a thin knit with not much stretch but I am happy with how it turned out. I altered the back by straghtening the back seam like this
This is my standard alteration on knits with a back shaped like this. If I don't do it I end up with a really baggy back neck. I ended up just cutting the back on the fold and gathering the back neck up a bit.

I'd like to make the short sleeved dress version of this pattern out of a gutsier knit...but enough about being sidetracked. I was wondering what I could use for a quick muslin of my proposed jacket and I dug out a piece of garnet coloured synthetic crushed velour that is almost vintage

that will be perfect for seeing how the pattern fits. I do not always do muslins and I was tempted to just  go ahead but...the silk was expensive and the material is limited and long for this I am being good! And speaking of planned projects:

Here are some pages torn out of magazines that have ended up on my ideas wall. (OK it's my fridge). They sometimes do actually get sewn up in some form or another. The white dress on the seated model reminds me of  Burda 107/ 3/2009. I've tried to link a picture from the Burdastyle Deutche site but the archives don't go further back than August  Arghhhh.
Anyway I will put scissors to fabric tomorrow! I promise!
Happy sewing.


  1. I like your top. I've yet to sew a New Look pattern but I always see such nice things around the web. Thanks for your pic of your alteration to the back seam. I'm assuming that straightening the seam takes in the back some? Do most patterns have a curved back seam-- or was it just this one? Just wondering if this is something I should try. I've also heard that cutting the back piece a size smaller than the front piece can help, too.

  2. Lizajane it depends on the style. Some very fitted knit patterns have a curved backed seam to clinch the tops in at the waist. That wasn't suitable for the material I was using. I seem to need taking in (and sometimes scooping down)at the back neck regardless, even though I have broad shoulders. Cutting the complete back smaller may work for you if your whole back is smaller/narrower than the pattern. Whatever works!