Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Red Velour

Dear Reader
I've finished my red velour jacket muslin.  I'm really late getting on the train doing this jacket. It has been around for a while but I really like it. Here in Australia and New Zealand we get the latest patterns in store three months after American release and then if you proctrastinate the fashion has come and gone! I know all that but I wanted to get that darn bow out of my system and I did. In a totally innapropriate fabric. I know that too. You could say I did this jacket for my own amusement. Here it is.

It's cute and a good pattern. The shawl collar variation is a more classic timeless style. My original idea for my silk is for a longer jacket with a shawl collar style. I may use this pattern and make it more classic to go with what the velvet requires. I'll be sort of sad to lose the purely frivolous nature of the bow and the pockets but velvet just swallows them up. They scream out for linen and a tight waist. Sometimes you just have to listen to either the material or the pattern. I might go through my Burda WOF's for a different jacket, I don't know.

I love the late YSL's 'le smoking' and all its variations
which in turn was inspired by things such as this
Can't you imagine just swanning around in that?


  1. I totally love the 'rich fabric jacket' with the casual jeans look - that bow jacket is super adorable!

  2. I agree, I think the red velour looks great with jeans. I know that pattern, too. I've always admired the bow version.