Monday, 18 October 2010

Night at The Crystal Palace

I live in a beautiful city, dear reader. It was only when I started travelling to other stunning cities - London, Paris, Rome - that I came home and saw my own city with new eyes. People come from over the other side of the world to see what's here and it's world class. Every weekend it is a common sight to see Japanese bridal parties having photographs in front of any number of Sydney attractions and slowly it is starting to happen again. One sight I didn't expect bridal couples to be photographed at is Sydney's Luna Park, until I went to a function there last Saturday night.
Luna Park is a 75 year old carnival with all the old fashioned rides that has been kept up in it's ornate original style. It is on the edge of the harbour with views past the harbour bridge looking back toward the city. It is just magic at dusk when all the lights come on and very picturesque. I was lucky enough to go to a party at the Crystal Palace. I did not take my camera and I regret it. I am trying to get hold of some of my colleague's photos but in the meantime there is this: photo is from website

It is also worth roaming around Luna Park during the day, and you can get there by ferry or train like the locals do and go in. Entry is free. I'm giving my city a shameless plug while I revisit a place I had not been to for many years:
Luna Park website shot

my shot
The dress code was cocktail. I did not want to spend much money on an outfit as I am saving to travel again. What's a sewer to do but raid the stash? I knew the venue would be decorated in silver, blue and white so I dug out some blue crinkle georgette from the stash and a pattern I wanted to try and made a very speedy ( for me) cocktail dress that would go with silver accessories and a shimmery trench that I already had. I'll put all the details in my next post but I want to pose the question. Do you live in a tourist destination that you take for granted? Do you want to share where it is? Do you need to see it with new eyes?


  1. I've been there, Valerie! Well, not actually inside but I saw it from a boat in the Harbor. And I've done the bridge climb (had the climb of my life :) You absolutely do live in a beautiful city. I have great memories from my year in Australia (I was in Newcastle, but it was just a quick train ride to Sydney)
    I happen to live in a hidden gem of a "city." Not many people think of South Carolina as being a big tourist attraction, but Greenville is quite a place and more people are coming to visit. We have a fabulous downtown and an up and coming arts community. I may just have to post a few pictures of G-Vegas.
    Go, revisit your city and take more pictures! I'd love to see. Makes me want to come back for a visit.

  2. Thanks lizajane. I'd love to see pictures of your city too. It's always like a little travelogue with an online buddy!

  3. Valerie, like you, I am happy to announce I live in the most beautiful city in the world. Sydney. Though I am soon moving to the country, I love Sydney, I think the city is beautiful and I would encourage everyone to visit it once in their lifetime. Or more!