Saturday, 9 October 2010

A Tiger Dress and a Leftover Top

Dear Fellow Bloggers
Immediately after completing my too-much-work red velour muslin that didn't become a velvet jacket, I happened upon some irresistable brown jungle print on the bargain table of my local Spotlight. A Very Easy Vogue dress pattern from my stash came to mind, so I bought 1.5m of the material, thinking it would be more than enough. I lashed out and spent $9. This probably sound like too much to Americans used to $2 bargains but trust me this was good quality knit for half price. Any way I could visualise it as a nice little dress with a pleated neckline similar to the drawing.


I had sewn this dress twice before and neither was a success. The first time I did it out of a slinky satin and although it looked good I had not allowed for enough ease across the shoulders and armpits and therefore the dress didn't get worn much which was a pity. The general rule for using a woven on a pattern that is designed for knits is to go up a size, but to have the pleats fall properly and to have enough ease for movement I should have added  one inch all around and taken it down from there. Ah live and learn.The second time I did a winter version in a plain Manhattan knit with sleeves and the material was just that little bit too heavy. Is this starting to sound like Goldilocks and the three bears?
Anyway this time I got it right - a soft fluid slinky knit.
The other thing I had learnt from sewing this dress before is that using facings as recommended by the pattern just doesn't work and causes roll out at the front where there are up to six layers of material. I decided to use self bindings instead. This made me think aha maybe I can get a little cowl top out of the piece as well. I had gone back to the shop for more but the roll had sold out.
It is amazing what self bindings, back seams and a bit of determination can do.

I made a cowl top from New Look 6470 as well.

It is this pattern here.

I will do a review of both patterns on Pattern Review later.
I'm really happy how both items turned out but especially the dress.
Closeup of bindings and pleats.
Another shot

Cute dress, nevermind the pale winter legs and the last century TV

Bye now!


  1. Ooh, they are both lovely! That cowl top pattern looks great, and so versatile. I may have to look that one up. I've never sewn a New Look pattern.

  2. that's a beautiful dress!! Glad it turned out for you. And the cowl top..hmmm I may have to check that pattern out..

  3. The colours are great on you. Bargain. Double bargain!