Saturday, 20 November 2010

Georgette Fantasies V8182

Dear Reader
I am seriously considering making a New Year's resolution of not sewing for anybody else, as advocated by the selfish seamstress. She does have a valid point that your precious sewing time can get swallowed up by other people's requests. ... but how could I not make an exception for my DD? She's my biggest fan and  looks gorgeous in anything. (I can hear her saying 'no you're not biased at all are you Mum'). Anyway here is party dress number one

This is a wearable muslin of V8182. It's been modified and doesn't look much like the original but it is based on it

At first we tried the original bodice but with a narrowed band without the overlay.

Then the band was narrowed even more and the shoulder gathers converted into one 2cm deep pleat at the shoulders, both front and back. The bodice was then narrowed to the width of the lining, then the whole thing was taken in half a centimetre more along the neck and armhole seams. Oh and the outer points of the overlaps were brought in by 4 cm.

Wishing for longer arms when taking a one handed construction shot...

I made a georgette flower from leftover fabric that could be pinned on (or not!) I'll do a post on how to make it later on.

Ah I'm so happy that the dress fits and she likes it. I've undone the temporary seams and will finish it today.

Finished dress - front and back are identical except for some lower edge bust gathering

Now for the 'real' version. As usual I'll do a more nut-and-bolts review for PR when I've finished. In the meantime
Happy Sewing everyone.


  1. Lovely, very nice colors too, the optional flower is a great idea. I don't sew for anyone else, my dd being the only (very logical) exception too.

  2. Thanks sigrid. Would you beleive I am going to make two dresses, one for a family member and one for a friend after I finish DD's other party dress - oh and a dress for me. At least I'm telling work mates 'no' for formal dress/wedding dress inquiries. No amount of money would be worth it as it becomes a drudge rather than a joy.

  3. I agree. I'm a becoming more selfish about my sewing everyday. I had someone request something the other day and I told them it would be better if they found a professional to do it :)
    I love the colors- the fabric is beautiful. Do you use a serger/overlocker? I want to try something in georgette but I only have a straight stitch machine so I'm wondering how to finish seams and hem it.

  4. Thanks Laura. You can do georgette on a regular machine using straight stitch and finishing with a zig zag but it can be difficult to keep the tension loose enough to keep the seams from puckering. Even the cheapest basic overlockers are so good now that if you buy one you will never look back.

  5. The dress looks great :) I bet your daughter is really happy to have a skilled Mom like you are!

  6. Tini Hi!
    Yes she appreciates what I do, but the apricot dress I am making at the moment is the one she is waiting for.