Saturday, 6 November 2010

The 'meh' dress

Dear Reader
I am about to embark on a dress of whimsy, a floaty, hopefully lovely creation for my daughter to wear to a formal Christmas party. This will invlove a full length muslin, lined, with invisible zip ectetera. If both dresses turn out she will have two party creations, one in block colours, one in a casual print. As my pragmatic darling puts it she will 'score well'.
In the meantime I made myself a quick knit dress from M 6069. I'd eagerly waited for a chance to make this pattern. There is a long list of sewers looking fabulous in their creations on Pattern Review. Well I made it and was disappointed.  The dress looks ok. Fine even. Just not the 'wow' effect it has had on so many others. It makes me look - well- ah- straight up and down. It seems to work better on hourglasses or pears - people with a well defined waist. Oh well.

The back is cute, I'd never made a dress with a cowl on the back before.
So even though it's 'yeah ok'.

I'm not complaining too loudly!
Off to sew the next project.
Happy sewing everyone.
ps. I came back to edit this and say it's growing on me.


  1. Looks rather wonderful to me. I have a couple of thoughts, however, that you might consider. Definition of your waist is lost with the busy print; perhaps you could wear a solid, a wider or a contrasting belt. You might try pegging the skirt. That might contribute a little "wow" as well. But really, you look wonderful in your dress.

  2. I'm glad you posted to say that it's growing on you, I think it looks very nice!

    I looked on pattern review because I hadn't seen this pattern before. What I noticed about many of the other examples is that the dress is being modeled with a wide, solid color belt which helps to make the waist on the dress look more defined. But I still think it looks fine as is.

  3. It looks great. JUST as great as the versions posted on PR. That double cowl is very cool, and I like your fabric choice.

  4. I think it looks wonderful on you. I love the black and white print.

  5. I love the print and the pattern has some really nice features - as the others suggest - perhaps with a belt ?

  6. Hmmm a dark belt does define it more but the ones I had didn't go with the dress...I might have to buy one. Thank you all for the comments.

  7. I can see what you mean. Can you red sash it?

  8. Thank you all for the comments. I picked up a soft black belt at a boutique sale. That and some 'magic' undies made the dress work.