Friday, 5 November 2010

A Mixed Bag

Dear Readers
Occasionally in my sewing life I let go of whimsy and succumb to practicality. When it comes to night attire I would love to say that I float around in something like this nightgown. I just loved Eva Gabor in Greenacres when I was a kid, I thought she was so glamorous.

Well, for me everyday reality is a little more practical. Here's some almost free nightwear.
Take some bargain table knit, a very basic sleeveless dress pattern and come up with this.

It's not a feathered pegnoir, but it'll do.
BTW remember the box of beaded goodies I ordered? Here it is:

and here's the beaded wrap bracelets I'm making for all the kids

Here's a link on the basic idea of how to do it bracelet
I hope they'll like them.
Happy beading, sewing or whatever you do.


  1. Yes, but why not make a feathered pegnoir to go with it? I used to love watching green acres reruns as a kid. I've got the theme song in my head after reading your post. Your bracelets look lovely!

  2. You've got a point there Liza, I could make a feather edged peignoir or a fur edged bathrobe....hmm maybe one day. Too many other things on the sewing list first!