Sunday, 21 November 2010

Some Sydney shots

Dear Reader
I know that some of you enjoy hearing about my home town and seeing photos so this is for you. On Saturday my DD and I went to the ballet at the Opera Hall of the Sydney Opera House. This is nothing new to me. I watched that building get built and have always loved it, inside and out.

Posing pre-ballet. Recognise the dress? I like it now.

Trying not to get blown away in the breeze

My beautiful harbour

Sydney ferries. Aren't they cute?

The atrium at the back of the building where we went for refreshments between acts

Outside shot

 The Rhapsody of the seas was docked at the Overseas Terminal

A bridal party heading for the Museum of Contemporary Art. This building is on the same side as the ship was docked. I'm not sure if they were tourists or locals but my they looked stunning.



  1. I love the pictures inside the opera house. I didn't actually go in when I was there. Thanks for sharing!

  2. so glad to see you changed your mind about that lovely dress, it looks wonderful on you, so cool and comfortable. you have inspired me to make it too!