Sunday, 5 December 2010

My Daughter's Georgette Dress

Dear Fellow Sewists
I am sitting here in my bicycle sweats, catching up on my favourite blogs, checking out some new ones and cooling down. It has been so nice to relax today, just cleaning house, shopping, getting out to exercise...all the normal things. Yesterday I finished the georgette fantasy based on V8182. I'd already done a wearable muslin. I then made the apricot and black one for my daughter's work Xmas party. Here are some photos.

Getting ready.

I've cropped out my daughter's partner because I'm not sure if he wants to be on the internet but he looked  very smart!

The oops! frill

The save

 The two added tiers to the bottom of the skirt look like a design feature but were actually a fix-it because the original skirt ended up too short. I had cut out the material one layer at a time but one piece ended up three inches too short on one side. Cutting material on the bias is better done on a sheet on the floor rather than on a slippery table. Lesson learnt. Anyway luckily I had extra georgette and I cut two layers of bias frill and attached them to the skirt lining. I had a horrible time trying to get them even. I had a terrible time with the whole skirt generally even though I had let the dress hang on a hanger before attempting any hemming. It just kept stretching... unevenly. I'd cut it even and it still ended up uneven. All this cutting contributed to it being too short so I added the frill.
She looked beautiful in the dress anyway. I'm not saying 'poor me'. I wanted it to be perfect for her.
* Edited to add I have since found that the material - a poly- acted quite strange on another project so it wasn't all me. That restored my confidence a bit. Another lesson learnt- for a special occasion dress do a quick modified muslin out of the SAME material to see if it is worth using. argh


  1. She looks so regal. Watch out whatever royal family is missing a Princess ...

  2. I love the color. I like the way the double frill looks, too- consider it a happy accident. I can't imagine trying to cut georgette on the bias!

  3. Pretty - I love that nude shade, it is so unexpected. I hear your fabric woes, I find bias stretches way after the fact. Fortunately with such a gorgeous neckline and bodice detail, who's going to be looking at her feet? (and if they did, with so much movement in the skirt, no one would notice or even care, since RTW has the same issue)

  4. Thank you my friends. My daughter rang me and said she went to her function and had a good time and that the dress was beautiful...but she is conscious of its faults. She grew up with a sewist you see...She loves it and me anyway. I said give it back and I'll fix the skirt by making it on the straight. I'll either keep the frill on the underlining or maybe fix the whole darn skirt. I'm nothing if not persistent. It Won't Defeat Me! argh Tomorrow morning I'll go back to my friendly independent material shop and get some more of the material. I've got a project planned for me but I'll keep her dress and material aside until I can take a deep breath and fix it.
    Laura Jane does this sound familiar? Here I am after forty years of sewing being given grief by a material that didn't act like it should. The bias skirt on the purple dress didn't give me this amount of anguish.
    Now that I feel a bit less disillusioned I'm going to make a dress from a red georgette sari -a cheap and cheerful poly - from the Kay Unger tiger dress pattern V1206. I'm off to PR to see what others have done with it.