Friday, 10 December 2010

Something For Meeee!

Days of December

It is zooming in towards Christmas. There are fairy lights on my balcony. The days are warm. Here at the moment, due to an el nino effect causing lots of humidity and rain, even the nights are warm. Everything is blooming and green and there are cicadas humming in the trees. This is Christmas as I've always known it with hot summer days and parties and cold drinks and the Boxing Day one day cricket on the radio in the background at my brother's place during his annual day-after-Christmas barbeque.

My balcony

All this means dresses of course!

I'm going to a party next weekend at at yet another fabulous harbourside venue. It is a lunch time event but 'dressy' is on the agenda. I've been busily sewing a muslin of V1206.
I had some craft cotton and some georgette and have knocked out a half-finished wearable muslin.

It is this pattern which no one has reviewed on PR. This surprises me, it's so pretty.

The bodice needed a bit of tweaking - mainly a little bit of taking in along the sleeve/bodice join both front and back, a sway back adjustment to the back, a bit of letting out of side seams...
I've hand washed some of my lovely stash silk and it is almost dry in today's heat. People are saying that Oprah, who is here at the moment with three hundred of her fans has driven the rain away. I say well done!


  1. When I was in Oz I spent Christmas on the beach. So different from what I was used to!

  2. It's my aim to spend a Christmas where it snows. Maybe next year;)