Saturday, 1 January 2011

A beachy driving dress

Dear Bloggers
This is my first blog for the New Year of 2011. It has a nice ring to it doesn't it? I wish you (and myself!) a productive, creative, satisfying year. The closing days of last year were spent at a beachside town six hours drive up the coastal freeway from Sydney. We think nothing of driving huge distances in this country. I realise I would have probably crossed a few borders in Europe and maybe a few state lines in the US. There are a few things that make driving tolerable:  air conditioning, new music CDs, cold water, coffee, snacks by the river halfway and comfortable clothes to drive in. Simplicity 2642 fit the bill.

the dress in action

The dress is a simple pullover with a crossover front and cut-on sleeves, elastic under the bust and pockets. The skirt is cut in three sections with the pockets going in the two front seams. It's not for knits but it worked in my stash cotton knit. I did end up pulling up the entire shoulder seams by two sizes to stop the whole thing from being too big. It won't set the fashion world on fire and it's a bit Hawaiian mu-mu but it was simple, quick, easy and what I wanted. It gave just enough sun protection for my shoulders and upper arms while I was driving. I also use sunscreen, not to wear sunscreen here is madness.

Ah, the beach

and my favourite waterside bistro

Happy New Year


  1. I have that pattern and I've always pictured it in a knit for some reason. Looks great!

  2. Happy new year Valerie.
    Lovely dress.