Friday, 7 January 2011

The Boob Tube That Grew

Late last year my DD bought a cheap chainstore dress that looked absolutey lovely on her. It was ankle length, strapless and had a frill around the bust - but it shrank after a couple of washes. She asked me if I could copy it and I said 'yes'. She mentioned that she wouldn't mind a jumpsuit version either...I already had some bargain table dry knit in a multicolured floral that I knew would suit her and the dress was basically a boob tube that grew, with the ruffle giving added interest. I was going to draft up a pattern myself when I came across this pattern from Simplicity: Jumpsuit It offered components for the dress and jumpsuit and some other bits that were  interesting when you really looked at them - like the little cardy to throw over bare shoulders.
I made up this and gave it to her as a surprise

It is a tiny bit long in the bodice but my DD likes it as is. She likes the material, a dry knit from Spotlight and she liked the surprise and wore it to a visit to see her Grandmother to wish her happy Christmas.
Heres the shape of the ruffle

I measured the circumference the top of the dress added three inches at the pointy ends for anough overlap. I cut the piece seven inches deep to allow for a seam at the top. In the above photo the left side is on the fold. I finished the edge with some three thread black serging and added it to the top of the dress before making the casing for the elastic.
It feels good to make some quick and easy dresses.
I'm really trying to use what I've got this year and I just found out that my local Spotlight store - that I can walk to - is moving to another suburb. Removing temptaion from my path. All I have to do is avoid the closing down sales as much as possible...I'm bound to succumb a little bit...I mean how much can a fabric addict take?


  1. What a nice surprise! It is lovely. There is only one fabric store here and I'm thankful that it is a long drive across town.

  2. That looks great on your DD! Glad you were able to replace her store-bought, shrunken outfit. I'm sure she'll enjoy wearing this even more!