Friday, 21 January 2011


Dear people
So long between posts!
I haven't had as much time as I'd like to sew or post blog entries or read Pattern Reviews. January is speeding by and I've been busy planning a new adventure.
In the meantime I'm posting about ruffles. I keep seeing them everywhere. My favourite RTW worn over Christmas was a silk dress with ruffles around the neckline and down the centre front and back.

 and a hole through the ruffles at the waist both front and back for the belt. Clever!
For Aussies who read this it was a Jag dress, heavily discounted in an early pre-Christmas sale. Sweet!

I'd like to make a dress using the same idea so I made a little top from some white moderate stretch slub knit that I had in the stash using McCall's M5336, also in the stash, which is going to get severely culled soon. The material turned out to be a little bit heavy for a double ruffle but I am still pleased with the results.

It s funny how two different whites that looked almost identical in real life look so different in photos
Better with red. The material has already stretched a bit and needs taking in along the back centre seam but for a trial garment it is getting a lot of wear!
I first saw this pattern when Adrienne reviewed it on PR. See here. Isn't she a talented lady?

And take a look at this new Vogue pattern for a similar use of ruffles.


Speaking of new release Vogues I do like this as well

V1220 Isn't it gorgeous?

Happy sewing everyone.
Just an edit to say I first saw these two patterns featured on Inkstain's blog Chanel no.6. (on my blog reading list). I'd been avoiding looking at new patterns, especially Vogues. I have a new policy this year to try not to buy patterns ahead of time. I'll buy it and the material when I have time to get around to sewing it. That'll reduce my to-do stash!


  1. Love your Jag dress and agree that ruffles are everywhere, need to try some out myself as yours turned out very well.

  2. Nice top, you've made those ruffles work! I do love the last Vogue dress you showed and hope you do make it up, it will gorgeous on you.

  3. You look so stylish and classy, nice work!