Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Last Post

No it's not the last post that I am doing here, gentle reader, but it may be the last trully sewing related one for a while. This is the last garment that I made before I left Sydney. I'd bought some exquisite merino wool knit from The Fabric Store in Surrey Hills. If you are in Sydney they are worth a visit. For everyone else I'm sorry they don't sell over the internet. They sell a beautiful mixture of designer leftovers and end of season from Europe stuff. They seam to have a steady supply of this New Zealand merino knit though and I'd bought some with this wrap in mind. The pattern is the Simplicity 2603 that has been reviewed almost a hundred times on Pattern Review click here and I can't recommend it too highly. If you like cardi wraps for trans-seasonal wear or travelling this is the one. The cut is beautiful, there are set in sleeves, a separate nicely shaped piece for the back and bias pieces for the fronts. They are long enough to tie around the back or fling around one's neck or whatever way you like to wear them. This is my wrap for wearing on planes. Give me this, old jeans and a pair of woolly sox and I can travel for twelve hours. I chose black for practical reasons but I can feel my black phase coming to an end. Who knows what material I'll find in Brussels? I'm going to the European get together there in a few weeks!

Sew like the wind! I envy you all!


  1. Great cardigan, I can see it being comfortable on a long flight too. Looking forward to see you in Brussels!

  2. Thanks sigrid. It will be great to see all the European sewistes again!

  3. Ooh, very nice. I wish I had used that pattern for my cardi wrap. I used a McCalls that was just a big rectangle with sleeves. I'm sure you'll get tons of use out of it.

  4. You had me worried for a quick second. Great cardi wrap and I made mine up in the brown merino from The Febric Store and wore it every day on my recent US trip. It was so versatile.