Friday, 22 April 2011

In Brussels

Dear Sewists
I've mentioned several times that I will do a post on the trip to Brussels so here it is!
Many people are involved the sewing circles of blogland because we got here via  OK, if not most then a lot of people got started via that website.
I now I did. Before I joined PR I didn't know how to upload photos to the net, had never read a sewing blog and didn't realise that so many entertaining and informative people were sewing and writing. It is a whole alternate universe! Before PR I was basically sewing on my own but then I discovered sewing sites, digital photography, lap tops and wifi and ah internet shopping!
I owe it (blame it?) on Pattern Review.
Here are some wonderful people I've met in person at the PR European get together in 2009, together with some new ones that came to Brussels 2011.

Clare and Lista

Clare Joanna, Sheila, Valerie, Sigrid and myself (in front of Sheila)

Just off the Grand Place Joanna, Lista, Hilda, Marta, Sheila, Clare, Katharine

Clare and Katharine


Going through the Grand Place

Baroque architecture

And more!

Now where did the others get to again?

Exploring the chocolate shops

Little mannikins out of candy

The Central Gardens

Posing by the fountain.

There was some fabric purchasing involved as well! 
I don't know where the next PR European get together will be. These things are organic and tend to happen when they happen. Germany has been floated as an idea but who knows, Switzerland? Italy? Portugal?
I do know one thing. If there is ever one in New York again I will be there.  If I am not mistaken the first two or three official Pattern Review weekends were in New York but have tended to be regional ever since. 

Happy Sewing


  1. That looks like so much fun! The architecture looks absolutely gorgeous in Brussels. Thanks for sharing.

  2. PR weekends are so much fun, met up with the "Down Under" girls in Melbourne in 2009. Looks like you had a fantastic time and please share your fabric.

  3. Sharon I didn't buy any! I had a very definite idea of what I wanted and didn't see it in Brussels and didn't get to Antwerp on the Sunday where the bigger selection of fabric was.I loved being there though and had a great time.

  4. Antwerp - or more specifically, the fabric market - was fab and once again we were lucky with the weather - we could lunch outside after the seriously hard work of fabric gazing, fondling and buying - and fabric was certainly bought. Yet again, I was VERY good to myself. Pity you, Clare and Lista had a flight to catch. I owe you an e-mail, not least to thank you for the gorgeous scarf that surprised me in the post.Don't hold your breath, but I will write