Monday, 18 April 2011

Not so Ugly fabric

Dear sewing friends
for the past month or so I've been living on the south coast of England and attending Bournemouth University doing a short course, which I passed. Phew what a relief! But a girl can't just work and not play so I managed to get to the european PR get together in Brussels. I had taken my (lightweight) obligatory piece of ugly material with me for the fabric swap and of course ended up with a piece in return. this is my booty from the swap-it night.

The shirt pattern and the Knip Mode were a gift from Sigrid (see my blog roll) and the Patrones was from Marta, from Brazil. Were were quite an international bunch.

The knip mode had some nice summer things

I'm not interested in these pants though...

The Patrones had a gorgeous coat with a high wrap collar

There's one thing I didn't notice at first. It's in a size 50 and I'll have to grade down. It'll be a challenge but I'll give it a go when I get the chance.

Here is my not-so-ugly fabric. I don't have enough to make a big shirt. It'll have to be a little summer blouse

or maybe a knee length skirt with a few pleats into the waistband?

Anyway goodbye from the seaside. It was 18 degrees C yesterday. I even went for a paddle, but my Aussie feet went numb after a bout five minutes!
Got to go pack and catch a train. I'll do a proper post about Brussels soon.


  1. Saw on PR that you had met up with the group in Brussels, how wonderful. Like your not-so-ugly fabric, can see it in a very nice skirt for summer.

  2. Fabric is not ugly at all! A lot more clothed people on the beach than in Sydney.

  3. It would be different today. We are having a heatwave of 26 degrees in London where I am now and possibly a bit higher at the coast..and it actually feels hot because most buildings don't have aircon - usually it is enough just to have the heating off!