Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Hold on to your Kilt!

Dear Reader,
If you have visited this blog in recent times you know that my sewing blog has become a travel-and-sewing  blog while I roam the Continent as a vagabond of no fixed address. I will have a base next month when I start work, but plenty of time to talk about that later.
Last week after the Royal Wedding, I packed up my two suitcases of worldly goods and jumped on a fast train to Edinburgh. Half way up the east coast of Britain a large Scot occupied the seat next to me and we drifted into conversation, as you do. He was a wonderful character, large of build, tattooed, sporting an auburn ponytail. He was a good teller of sea-faring stories and clan wars - his own history. As the train sped by increasingly beautiful countryside and we passed the town of Durham with its sandstone buildings  and castle glowing in the afternoon light, I asked "Are we in Scotland yet?". I heard some women break into chuckles in front of me. Then the Scot said "No, if we were my kilt would jump out of my bag and start dancing". I said "You do not have your kilt in your bag, you are just teasing me". As got closer to Edinburgh he pulled his bag down from the overhead rack and pulled out a kilt. It was the genuine article, clan tartan with all the bits that go with it - belt, sporran, dagger in a leather sheath. The material of the kilt was smooth and tightly woven and the garment surprisingly heavy. Did you know that kilts were lined dear reader? If not all the way down at least partly. I thanked him for sharing  and he rushed off to get his connecting train deeper into Scotland.
Meanwhile, apart from meeting great characters I've been sightseeing in Edinburgh and up to Loch Ness.

Edinburgh Castle

Looking down The Royal Mile, the road that leads from the Castle to Holyrood House, one of the Queen's Scottish residences. Along the Royal Mile there are all the usual tourist type shops, pubs, cafes and this place where you could see tartan being woven on looms, and buy any tartan related item you could imagine.

No I didn't buy any yardage but I know where they are.....

Where have I seen this fellow before?

Goodbye from Edinburgh.
Happy sewing.


  1. You make me want to go on an adventure somewhere... I'm so glad your posting about your travels.

  2. Ah, good! As soon as I have a fixed address a sewing machine is on the agenda believe me. Second hand or borrowed or a warehouse cheapie, it doesn't matter.

  3. Aye, you could of bought some Mackay tartan for my wee son Angus! Great to see you are having such fun!