Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Little Bit of London

Dear Friends
London is full of tourists. Thousands of tourists come and go. I see them on the streets of this area where I have been staying because it has many hotels. This is my third time in this part of London in as many months; I know how to duck and weave my way through these streets so well that tourists ask me for directions!
I am no longer just a visitor and I'll have a base once I've finished my extended holiday. In the meantime I've bought all the usual souvenirs to mail back home - postcards, t-shirts, scarves, fridge magnets. But what's a sewist to do but notice that one of the hole-in-the-wall stores along my street sells (gasp!) Burdastyle? And upon noticing that the said Burdastyle - May issue had the perfect shirtdress and a few other good basics - how could I resist buying it?

Burdastyle 117  May 2011

You know what's coming next don't you? I paid a vist to a fairly well known London material store called Shaukat Fabric that has rooms full of shelves and walls of fabric. Not much in the way of buttons or pattern books. Just fabric and jewellery and arabic style ornaments to add interest and lots of Liberty. Their prices are not bad but their best prices are for fabric sold online.  Shaukat Fabrics
I had a great time looking at their big selection of precut (3 metre) pieces and this one looked perfect for the shirtdress.


The effect I'm hoping for is similar to the Horrockses dresses of the forties. I saw some today in the Victoria and Albert Museum. I didn't know that this textile museum existed! It's on my list for next time!

Then while exploring Oxford Street I came across another fabric store down a side street, Mac Culloch & Wallis, a wonderful store of three rooms on three levels up and down stairs full of notions and patterns and ribbons and rolls of fabric stacked to the ceiling. It's the sort of place that's easier to tackle if you know what you've got in mind because you might have to ask for it - like interfacing. I left there with all the bits and pieces to make up my three garments - my mini stash.  MacCulloch & Wallis

Goodbye from London!


  1. You're having a good time! Looking forward to the dress. What special fabric with fashion from the twenties (by the look of it).

  2. Interesting fabric and you are quite the local now. Enjoying reading your adventures and can't wait to see your shirt dress.