Saturday, 23 July 2011


Dear Bloggers
I went onto the BBC website to see what was going on in the world and to check the weather forecast and I see that the singer Amy Winehouse was found dead in London this afternoon. I know this is a sewing blog, usually full of sweetness and light but sewing is creativity and self expression as is music. Amy's music expressed a lot of things for me of love and loss and struggles with demons. I did not realise that she is younger than my daughter. She always seemed such an old soul and as one report put it "She was never going to be a pop puppet". She was unique and now she is gone. Love is a Losing Game

I will miss her music.
I will miss the fact that she will not write any more songs.


  1. Waste of talent and a life of potential. If any good can come from it, her death might make a young person somewhere in the world hesitate about using drugs.

  2. Maybe, but then there are the Rolling Stones who seem to have been preserved alive by drugs..