Sunday, 7 August 2011

Burdastyle Shirtdress

Tada! Trumpets!
The Burdastyle shirtdress 117 May 2011 is finished. Brought to you from the ambience of my nurse's quarters.

I was trying to take pretty outdoor shots but it rained. How English! I am so pleased with how this dress turned out, for a number of reasons, the main one being I didn't ruin all that Liberty and two I have a tweaked pattern ready to use again and three the collar is comfortable. It is the first shirtdress I have ever made where I can just put it on and not be conscious of the collar. My fellow sewers it only took me forty years of sewing. May the rest of you have much faster results!

The altered un-poofed back. I have a little bit of overhang ease left anyway.

The dress is lined with cotton voile. The inner seams are finished off with a second straight line of stitching 1/8" in from the first. I didn't want to line the sleeves so those edges were finished last with plain zig-zag, as I don't have access to a serger. Having a lining meant I could hand stitch the hem to it and not have stitching show on the outside.

Close up of the skirt. I was coming back in from outside and one of my fellow housemates saw me in the hallway and remarked that she liked the dress and that it looked retro but modern. I thanked her and said that was the look I was trying to achieve.
I'll do a review on PR soon.



  1. Oh it's lovely! You'll get so much use out of this, too. I really love that fabric.
    I'm always aware of the collar on things I've made. I guess I've yet to make the perfect collar.

  2. That is really lovely, I like it much better than the Burda version with that funny back...

  3. Oh it's really nice ... I wasn't sure of the fabric for a dress but made up it looks fabulous! Good going.

  4. I didn't think much of this pattern when I saw it in the magazine. Your version has made me think again. The cotton batiste lining is a nice touch.

  5. Love it! Love the fabric and good idea to line it in voile - keep it nice and cool.

    Am going to make the other version of this dress myself - the one with the sweet peter pan collar and raglan sleeve - I think I'm game for the back pouf though!

  6. Good job :) The collar turned out really nice and now you have a tnt pattern. yay!!

  7. Wow. Thank you ladies. Mary Nana I'm waiting for your version!

  8. What a beautiful job. I 'oohed' over the fabric - Liberty- of course!

  9. Hi Valerie,

    The dress looks great! I'm just in the process of trying out this pattern myself. It's the first time I've done anything like this and I've come to a bit of a stumbling block at the collar and the instructions about the facing. Are there any tips you could give to help clarify these instructions? Thanks!

  10. Truly J for my adventures with this collar please see this post