Thursday, 4 August 2011

Style Inspirations

Dear Sewing readers/bloggers,
I borrowed a book from the library the other day.  Zandra Rhodes  a lifelong love affair with textiles, copyright 2005 by The Antique Collectors Club Ltd and Zandra Rhodes, published by Zandra Rhodes Publications Limited.  Needless to say, as a sewer I have loved textiles all my life too, especially hers. Ms Rhodes describes herself as "a textile designer who could not find a job". I remember her blazing onto the scene in the 70's when London was the happening fashion scene. She was an integral part of it.

Many of us are interpreters of other people's ideas. We see something on the street or in a window or magazine or a new pattern, go 'hmm' and go home and put our own interpretation to it. That's still creativity as we are still making something unique to us, but to get an idea out of nowhere and do something no one has seen before is a special gift. I admire her for this quality. Gianni Versace is another.
There has been discussion on other blogs over the wastefulness of designer fashion, the questionable production values, the overly high markups in price. She somehow manages to bypass all this and if I could afford to buy one of these dresses I would. Maybe I should start trawling ebay.

Designers often admit to being inspired by other designers, taking an idea and running with it. One such design is this Vogue coat by Koos van den Akker. V1213 Here is a link to the site. Koos Coat

 I believe it was inspired by this coat by Zandra Rhodes.

Love the hat. Another shot of the coat below.

With it's scaled down scales it is somehow cuter than the Koos version, in my opinion.
My liberty dress is in its final stages. I have to go do a trial button hole or two on my preloved machine. Happy sewing.


  1. I love Zandra Rhodes and wish I could afford one of her dresses. If you can find it, there is another book about her designs called The Art of Zandra Rhodes ISBN 0224019392 that is really good.

  2. Thanks petal, I'll have a look.

  3. London, Near Christmas 1985, Harrods. Being a big fan of ZR I went to have the above book signed by her at Harrods. She was wearing a black mohair dress covered with large glass christmas balls. Her hair was pink. I was thrilled. Later as I walked home I saw her sitting in the window of the nearby 'Wimpy's' burger joint. I don't know how she sat down in that dress. I still have the book...and the memory. Love her.