Saturday, 1 October 2011

Charity Shop Find!

Dear sewing readers,
As some of you know, this is something of a sewing travelogue. I am back in Oxford and I am showing my DD around town. Oxford is a university city - 36 campuses! It is a book city. It is even a book publishing city. It is a student city. Therefore the second hand shops run by various charities are quite good here and several of them are nearby. My daughter was looking for second hand inexpensive read and I was just looking, as you do. To cut a long story short, draped on a wall behind a rack of second hand jeans was this!!!!

Peacock print Liberty lawn known as "Hera" circa 1975. Two metres of it! But wait, there's more. I asked the young man "how much for this piece"? It cost me one pound!
How lucky is that?


  1. Such a pretty pattern and 1 pound, well done.

  2. Wow - oh wow! I bought this fabric when I was a young seamstress, back when it was current. I got it for half price, which 20 years ago was $25 a metre !

    I hope you make something very beautiful out of it. No wait, better still, I hope you decide it's not your colours and do a giveaway and I win it.

    Ok I have SERIOUS fabric envy. I had better go and buy myself something lovely to appease it.

  3. You are so lucky!! I think I also have a dose of Mary Nanna's disease.

  4. No, Mary Nanna I am keeping it. Moowwwhahahahaha ..

  5. Oh wow, that is really great! But now I want to see it made into something soon. ;)