Friday, 9 December 2011

Calling Mary Nanna!

Here we are on the evening of Friday 9th December and I am about to announce the winner! Firstly thank you for all of you who stopped by and showed interest. All were good reasons but points were deducted for trying to talk me out of my own give-away, points were added for flattery and attempted bribery! 

Mary Nanna, email me! You've won the giveaway.

On other matters, in reply to Dilliander's question,
There are two fabric shops that I saw in Tromso. One is a place where they make national dress and they have a small but exquisite range of wools and flannels etc. There is another shop but I didn't manage to get to it when they were open - too much sightseeing! BTW Everything there is quite expensive - food, eating out but it is a gorgeous place and well worth a visit. BTW the place is so small you will find both shops, don't worry! If you are a knitter the shop that sells hand made jumpers has a wool emporium downstairs that is knitter's heaven.

The national costume shop

Fabulous hand knit sweater shop 

All are in the town centre. I hope you enjoy Tromso as much as I did. 

Happy travelling


  1. Thanks Valerie, that's great. I appreciate the photos too.

  2. Thank you so much Valerie, for your incredible generosity. This is such a precious piece of fabric and I will treasure it.