Saturday, 3 December 2011

Give me a reason

Dear readers,
I am getting ready to move on again. I am sorting, gifting, selling, recycling and generally getting rid of stuff before my long haul back home to Sydney. For all my European friends yes I'll be back! I just don't know where I'll be based yet.
I tend to collect books and material and increasingly now, photo equipment, but I also enjoy the freedom that de-cluttering brings. There is always stuff that is just stuff or stuff that brought great pleasure to me at the time but will surely do the same now for someone else, which brings me to the title of this post.
Give me a reason, dear reader as to why I should give you - out of all the blogger-sewists of the world - this lovely piece of vintage Liberty Hera print Tana Lawn.

Results of this contest will be totally biased and chosen by me. You have till Friday night 9th December, UK time!
Happy writing,


  1. Because: it`s so pretty, they are my colors, 2 meters is enough to make dress or blouse, it`s coming from Oxford, would like to touch it and feel it against the skin, that kind of vintage piece is so very unique that I can`t resist the temptation, etc. But they are also good reasons for You to keep it - You can make something very lovely of it! So, think twice before this finds a new home. Is there really a (good) reason to give this away?

  2. Yes, I bought it because it was an irresistable bargain and it is a beautiful piece of material but it is not really my colours. I have enough to sew up. I feel the urge to give it to someone who will sew it up and love what they wear.

  3. I would like this luscious bird of a fabric, because like its design, I am a peacock. I would make it into the finest blouse and when people comment on my feathers I would preen and sweetly coo, Valerie gifted it to me.

  4. Uh oh- my comment was eaten so I'm trying again. Sorry if it turns up twice.

    Because I'm on a self imposed fabric buying embargo yet I'd really love to make this one very special pattern... Have I mentioned how lovely you are looking lately?

  5. hi valerie,
    I would love this piece of fabric as it is not only beautiful but a little piece of "home" I left England for Aust. many years ago and can well remember the Liberty blouses made for me by my grandma.
    linda x

  6. Very good reasons, keep them coming ladies. haha LJ You are looking good in your creations too!

  7. how, oh how, did I miss this post!!!

    Ok I am not even going to read the others in case they come up with something worthy and I feel they are more deserving and I don't enter.

    When I first saw you had got that fabric, I went on line to see if I could buy myself some because in the true buddhist tradition, I saw and I coverted thus leading to dissatisfaction when I could not possess.

    In actual fact this pattern is no longer made so there was no chance. I went out and bought myself some new fabric and the longing eased a little.

    I love this fabric. I loved it when I was 20 and made pleated trousers of if it and I love it now.

    If you gave it to me, you would be safe in the knowledge that I would treat it with the highest respect and cherish it.

    Now this is going to sound very manipulative but I don't mean it to be, but I would also look out for a very beautiful piece of fabric to send in kind when you are settled in a more permanent location and can stash with abandon.

  8. Very good essay Mary Nanna. I have vowed to stash carefully. You should see the suitcase of material under my bed from Amsterdam.

  9. Hello Valerie. I have no idea what I would make this lovely fabric up to be. But for right now is deserves a place of royalty, atop my head, worn as a gele.

  10. Here we are on the evening of Friday 9th December and I am about to announce the winner! Firstly thank you for al of you who stopped by and showed interest. All were good reasons but points were deducted for trying to talk me out of my own give-away, points were added for flattery and attempted bribery!
    The winner is Mary Nanna who has loved this material for years. How do you beat that? I am sure she will do something whimsically wonderful with it. No pressure MN! contact me please. My email is
    BTW I do categorically NOT want anything in return. Hope to hear from you soon. Valerie.