Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas and the tale of a red coat

Dear Readers,
Here it is, Christmas Eve. The last minute rush through overcrowded supermarkets and shops has come and gone. Food and presents have been bought, holiday leave arranged and a last bit of sewing squeezed in. I'm also moving so I've been packing up, sending off and giving away my things. I have taken photos of my bicycle and - gasp - sewing machine to put up on the 'for sale' notice board at work in the New Year. Before I sell my machine I want to make one last thing, a cheerful red duffle from the Burda November issue.

Burda 111.11.2011

It is a very simple pattern, not much shaping, loose, easy, right? I'd had it in mind ever since I first saw this issue. I even set off to Amsterdam to meet up with European sewing friends and go to the huge fabric markets there with the aim of buying some red wool fabric expressly for this pattern. I did buy wool but not a woven. I fell in love with a thick double sided knit with a little bit of stretch. The stretch wouldn't matter, would it? I could stabilize it right? Well dear reader this is what comes of putting oneself under time constraints and not listening to the inner sewing voice. I preshrunk my fabric, got eye strain tracing the fiendishly crowded pattern then found I did not have enough interfacing in my dwindling stash to interface to whole thing and decided to go without. This coat was coming back to the mild winters of Sydney. 
I ended up with this. Pardon the laughter-shaky pic ..

To say it is too big is an understatement. I considered chopping it up into something else entirely, then I started playing with it and folding bits back. It wasn't so bad after all. I love the colour and the spongy texture of the fabric.

I did like the style buried underneath all the volume

and the giant hood.

To end the story, I unpicked every seam and took 2cm off everything. I may not have this finished for Christmas but I will finish it.  Merry Christmas to you all.

I have a feeling that 2012 will be a very good year. xx
Thanks for being part of my blog.


  1. great save - Ottobre has a great duffel coat for felted wool knit in their winter woman's issue. But you didn't want to know that did you. You will miss getting those Burdas in a timely fashion when you're back down under. Perhaps that winter warmth will be more of an incentive to do some more traveling to exotic cold places..

  2. Thanks Mary Nanna. Woulld you beleive I have never bought an issue of Ottobre ever? Yes I think I will be travelling to cold climates again .. and hot ones .. and temperate ones. Off to church now for Christmas service wearing my My Image dress. My friend thought it was from a high end RTW chain here :)) which makes me very happy!

  3. That fabric looks really nice. And red coats are the best! Hope you had a merry Christmas.

  4. Excellent save and your coat is definitely worth saving. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and all the very best for the New Year.

  5. The coat looks great! Best wishes for the season!

  6. Well worth the effort....what a great coat!