Saturday, 17 December 2011

My Image Magazine

Dear People
Recently I did a little review on PR of a quick knit dress that I ran up form My Image magazine.

Dress M1163

Me attempting to model. Heidi Klum's career is not in danger

Click on the pattern Review widget on the sidebar to read the review. Dear reader, apart from being pleased that I had knocked out a dress that worked with no fuss I did not think any further about it. I didn't even mention it here or put a link on my review. I had a new winter dress to wear to church on Christmas day and that was it. I thought the magazine had been around for ages and was just another sewing mag that all the European girls had access to for a few euros *sigh*. Then I got an email from My Image thanking me for my nice review and saying, in effect - we are new please please mention us on the web! Who could resist that? So here goes .. drumroll .. My First Gratuitous Plug, er review. Be assured I would not do this if I thought the mag was crap. Here goes.

My Image is a new sewing magazine that comes out quarterly for each season. It is written with instructions in four languages, English, Dutch, German and French. I don't know where the magazine originates. The cover was in English and the English instructions are very good. There are clear line drawings and nice photographs that allow you to see the actual garment.

There are only sixteen patterns per issue but they are sixteen different styles - not repetitions or variations of the same thing. There was enough of a mix of trendy and classic styles to keep a woman of aahem certain years happy. The patterns are not crowded and are easy to trace. The pattern pieces of the dress I made were meticulously drafted and went together very well.

There is much that I like in this magazine. I would buy it again if the shipping costs are not prohibitive. I must admit I thought of it as a one-off travel treat.

Martin I hope you like the plug!

I mentioned in my PR review that I'd bought it in a delicious lingerie fabric shop called KantjeBoord in the Netherlands. I may as well give them a plug too.
Kantjeboord is a wonderfully poky shop crowded floor to ceiling with material, notions, trims and bra making stuff. There is enough to keep non -bra makers like myself happy too. There is a good selection of knit materials, fake furs, feathers, magazines, even some quilting materials. There are friendly staff and a cute boxer dog behind the counter. He is fenced in but he is friendly. See Cidel's post about Knatjeboord Oops that's supposed to read "Kantjeboord"

That's all folks


  1. you are such an enabler..I've just back ordered a few copies.. cough cough.. I think it was the description of there being enough for every age group to find something...

  2. Hee hee didn't know I was such a good saleswoman. Are the postage rates to NZ reasonable?

  3. Hello, nice to meet you! Thanks for the comment.... I've been reading your adventurous and amazing blog - wow!! Great Chrissy dress!

  4. I've not heard of this mag, but will check it out now - I love your dress so much. They should send you a free sub!

  5. Nice and colorful dress!

    I think the mag comes from the Netherlands because in Germany I have only seen it in fabric stores and not on news stands. (Though it is not brand new...) Plus it reminds me of the sewing mag from another Dutch fabric company which stopped to exist (because the fabric dealer ceased to exist) shortly before "My Image" started to appear.

    I have one or two issues, but never made anything so far.