Friday, 22 April 2011

In Brussels

Dear Sewists
I've mentioned several times that I will do a post on the trip to Brussels so here it is!
Many people are involved the sewing circles of blogland because we got here via  OK, if not most then a lot of people got started via that website.
I now I did. Before I joined PR I didn't know how to upload photos to the net, had never read a sewing blog and didn't realise that so many entertaining and informative people were sewing and writing. It is a whole alternate universe! Before PR I was basically sewing on my own but then I discovered sewing sites, digital photography, lap tops and wifi and ah internet shopping!
I owe it (blame it?) on Pattern Review.
Here are some wonderful people I've met in person at the PR European get together in 2009, together with some new ones that came to Brussels 2011.

Clare and Lista

Clare Joanna, Sheila, Valerie, Sigrid and myself (in front of Sheila)

Just off the Grand Place Joanna, Lista, Hilda, Marta, Sheila, Clare, Katharine

Clare and Katharine


Going through the Grand Place

Baroque architecture

And more!

Now where did the others get to again?

Exploring the chocolate shops

Little mannikins out of candy

The Central Gardens

Posing by the fountain.

There was some fabric purchasing involved as well! 
I don't know where the next PR European get together will be. These things are organic and tend to happen when they happen. Germany has been floated as an idea but who knows, Switzerland? Italy? Portugal?
I do know one thing. If there is ever one in New York again I will be there.  If I am not mistaken the first two or three official Pattern Review weekends were in New York but have tended to be regional ever since. 

Happy Sewing

Monday, 18 April 2011

Not so Ugly fabric

Dear sewing friends
for the past month or so I've been living on the south coast of England and attending Bournemouth University doing a short course, which I passed. Phew what a relief! But a girl can't just work and not play so I managed to get to the european PR get together in Brussels. I had taken my (lightweight) obligatory piece of ugly material with me for the fabric swap and of course ended up with a piece in return. this is my booty from the swap-it night.

The shirt pattern and the Knip Mode were a gift from Sigrid (see my blog roll) and the Patrones was from Marta, from Brazil. Were were quite an international bunch.

The knip mode had some nice summer things

I'm not interested in these pants though...

The Patrones had a gorgeous coat with a high wrap collar

There's one thing I didn't notice at first. It's in a size 50 and I'll have to grade down. It'll be a challenge but I'll give it a go when I get the chance.

Here is my not-so-ugly fabric. I don't have enough to make a big shirt. It'll have to be a little summer blouse

or maybe a knee length skirt with a few pleats into the waistband?

Anyway goodbye from the seaside. It was 18 degrees C yesterday. I even went for a paddle, but my Aussie feet went numb after a bout five minutes!
Got to go pack and catch a train. I'll do a proper post about Brussels soon.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

An Aussie in England - Pictures

Here are some photos for you of my travels so far.

Regent Street, London


The clothing boutique that has a wall of sewing machines

Beach shot - Boscombe

Squirrel in a park at Bournemouth

Approaching Stonehenge

Hello it's me!

Salisbury Cathedral


Ancient stone houses 

'Fields of golden daffodils' - well almost. The local park.

Old Harry's Rocks - a bit like the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, 
but you have to hike to get to this spot.

  All photos were taken by me. Please tell me what you think! 
  Happy sewing & blogging,