Monday, 30 January 2012

Back at it - Sewing that is

Dear sewing friends,
As some of you know I left the UK three weeks ago to come back to the land down under. Back to my land of shimmering heat haze, gum trees, violent storms and extreme weather changes. At first it seemed like I had brought the grey days and the rain with me - for which I'm thank full - but now the heat has hit and last night it was so hot it was hard to sleep. I'm slowly getting used to it again and I love the long light filled days. I've already been to the beach and to barbeques but for the first two weeks my body felt that it should still be winter and I missed England. I missed the softness of the weather, the sandstone and the puddles and the inbuilt courtesy of the people.
Here I was abused by a woman behind me at the counter in a local cafe for not making up my mind quickly enough. I was still jet lagged.  Driving again took some getting used to as well. Road rage is prevalent here. I felt like I had returned to a land of savages. This is a beautiful but harsh land founded by strugglers and survivors. Everything both good and bad is right there in your face.
I've been working a lot of shifts. The big advantage of nursing is that work - as much as I want of it - is not hard to get.
I am staying at my daughter's and she stored my sewing machines for me - what a good girl - and I got them out and got re acquainted, like meeting a trio of wonderful old friends. They all worked perfectly.
I had a purple print knit material that I had bought in the Netherlands and I wanted an easy relaxed maxi dress. I'd seen a long peasant style dress in a shop so I bought some elastic and M6346 and came up with this.

It is a knit dress from a pattern for wovens but I simplified it and ran it up quickly. I'll go into more detail in my PR review.

The back. BTW the grass here in my daughter's back yard was mown a week ago. That's how fast is it growing at the moment!

My sewing companion, my daughter's dog who is not yet full grown. I'm actually saying 'sit still'. He's a lovely boy and a big sook believe it or not.
I'm looking forward to having the time to get into Sydney and revisit The Fabric Store and Tessuti's and maybe the Silk shop. Ahhhhh!

Happy Sewing everyone,


  1. Love your dress and our backyard looks just like your daughters, we can't keep up with the mowing. Your sewing companion is beautiful and if like mine likes to be in my sewing room with me. So sorry you feel you have returned to a land of savages, they are about but are few and far between.

    1. Ok, more brash than savage but in my exhaustion that's how it felt. When the 'lady' at the cafe told me to 'stick it up yer arse' I knew I was home!

    2. Hello!
      Can I connect you somehow by e-mail or FB, please?
      I´m so interested on your maxi dress´ pattern. Would you share it?
      Great thanks from Estonia.

  2. What a lovely dress! That fabric is gorgeous too. It's 40 and raining here in Portland, so feels a lot more like the UK than Australia!

  3. Poor you - the woman in the cafe sounds really horrible! But I'd take some of that warm sunny weather, and most of all, as you say, the LIGHT! Here in UK its like someone has replaced the sun with an eco-bulb.

    Your dress is beautiful and looks perfect for hot weather. You can look smart and elegant yet still be really comfortable - just the thing. Neckline is very pretty on you.

  4. What a great dress. It looks like the type of dress that is super comfy and yet still dressy and flattering. I hope it gets a lot of wear. Beautiful job.

  5. welcome back, the dress is gorgeous, looking forward to seeing more of your creations.

  6. Your dress is lovely and looks so comfortable. Just the project to get reacquainted with your sewing machines.

  7. I keep thinking about making this pattern. I really like your version and the dog is so cute!

  8. McCalls emailed me and asked if they could feature this on their facebook page! Im quite chuffed at that!

  9. Nice to have you back in the land of heat and sun (and other unpleasantries it seems!)
    I love your dress - I think a peasant style suits everyone and have two different patterns for it but I think my patterns need the darts to give it some shape and less boxiness that doesn't suit my pear shape.

  10. Thanks for the tip Valerie. I actually did 1/2 Certificate in Apparel Production (now Fashion Design) many years ago and that is actually what you should do ... I just have to follow it! Being lazy not wanting to do a FBA! It is actually an 8 chest to a 10D bust to a 12 waist and 14 hip but I need to take in the skirt as it is way too big and even the bust is big.. maybe a C cup next time.