Sunday, 1 January 2012

The Red Devil er .. Duffle

Hello peoples! Happy New Year. Make that Happy January to all those antipodeans who are already on their second day .. anyway here in rainy England it is new years day and this morning I finished the red duffle from Burda November 2011/111. I'm glad to get it done. Talk about a bitch to sew. Totally self inflicted as usual. I should have chosen a nice well behaved tightly woven red wool but I fell in love with just the right red in a fiendish thick double knit and it was a trial. I also cut it too large. To compound matters I lined it with a cheap burberry knock-off lining thinking it would look good. It didn't and I relined the hood with scarlet silk habutae..yum. OK now I've had my whinge I can say I absolutely love it my red coat. Love the red, love the loose shape, love the comfort of it and love the fact that it has such a happy vibe.

Finished at last

I know I should style up these shots but I had only just finished the coat and threw it on as I was on call and had to go in to work.
Here's the back of the coat.

I do plan to do more stylish shots of my garments this year. I'll try!

The other thing I plan to do is sew some casual yet stylish pants and try to get beyond wearing jeans so much. I'm not ready for old lady dressing but I guess I should start to explore dressing as a grown up. Face my inner mutton - see this delightful post by Mary Nanna of Make It Smirk. By the way I almost didn't make this coat for that reason - the same question of "Is it too young/too bright/too red?" Too silly even, but I put it on and like goldilocks it felt "just right".

On reflection, I should have lined the whole thing in red.

Lastly, I am not going to do a wrap up of the year except to say that except for one red devil I made things that I needed as I needed them. I did more than I thought I could with limited space, limited tools and often limited time. Even though I enjoyed the challenge I am looking forward to using my serger and coverstitcher again when I get back to Australia.

Happy 2012. My travels are temporarily interrupted but the journey continues.
xx Val

In the meantime just to show I'm serious about my intentions for this year here is a more flattering shot of red


  1. I love it - gorgeous, can't wait to see some more photos. 'face my inner mutton' - love it, will be borrowing that expression some time soon.

  2. Thanks Mary Nanna, I did do some styled up shots of this coat. They are on my PR review which should appear on my widget any day now ..

  3. Perfect and we are never too told for a bright coat.

  4. It definitely has a happy vibe to it! Love it and the big hood is awesome.

  5. I really like your coat. I love this pattern too. I am wondering where you found your closures (toggles) whatever they are called. I have been looking everywhere for some for a cape. Thanks

  6. Jodie I found them in a street market in Amsterdam, which probably doesn't help! Have you looked online?