Saturday, 18 February 2012

Vogue Vena Cava and seeing double

Dear Sewing Friends,
I have been busy sewing for the Sydney summer and here is the finished V1228 kimono Vena Cava Dress dress on my daughter.

I liked it so much that I made one for me.

The hound somehow got into the act as soon as I set up the tripod. This can come in handy. In fact if I am doing a shot on my own I get him to sit and stay in the required spot so I can set the focus then I go stand in it. I am still working on getting him to then stay out of shot until I am finished. It's a work in progress for both of us. 
The dress is a simple design made into something more by the deep neckline and the pleats and sleeve tabs. It is a good dress to throw on on hot days, in fact a good city shopping dress. It smartens up well with accessories and would be special if done up in a heavy fluid silk.
I'll do a PR review to discuss my modifications, which were basically go large then cut down, and go a bit higher with the neck because it is boob-skimming low.
Happy Sewing folks.


  1. Mena Cava patterns are always so low in the neckline. I've looked at this pattern thinking maybe. Your version in the darker shade has moved me to a definite yes.

  2. Both dresses look great. I have just ordered this pattern so I look forward to sewing it. Great job (or should I say jobs).

  3. These look lovely and smart, and I can imagine how cool and comfortable they are to wear! What a great job and useful info. re. neckline! xxx

  4. I love this dress- it looks so good with cool prints. I know what you mean about the neckline- I have to do an 'I do declare' hand to the bosom when I need to bend forward in it!

  5. I'm going to have to get that pattern. You've convinced me. It does look like the perfect hot weather dress. I like the loose sleeves so much.

  6. Thank you ladies. Prettynpink I like your version. The wide neckline is pretty too.

  7. Lovely dresses Valerie. Longing for summer to wear such dresses (you know the kind of winter we have here).

  8. Sigrid, Valerie and I were lamenting your depart. We have just spent a lovely, sewing weekend in Zeeland! See what you are missing!!!Let us know when to expect you back in Europe! xx

    1. Ah a sewing weekend would have been pure luxury! Say hello to the 'other' valerie for me.