Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Burda Style Trousers

Dear Readers,
I am a bit of a stasher. 'No surprise' I hear you say. I see patterns that I like and I put them on my mental list. I like more patterns than I have time to sew. Same goes for fabric. Things can languish in my mental stash for a decade so these pants are relatively recent production from my mental stash list, they only date from January 2010. I seem to be catching up on a box of stuff from that period!
The pattern is this one here, which I made up in white linen, also stash.

Just in case the link disappears here is a still photo of the pants:

There are some nice details, slim leg, vertical welt pockets, long vertical pleat on the front alongside the pockets, all of which I thought would make the pants look long a slim. Instead I feel that they could easily topple into something more like this ..

or this ..

I have never played polo and I don't have a pony - although you could almost throw a saddle onto my daughter's dog! I'd love to watch a polo match if I ever get the chance. Fantasy aside I do wonder if I don't quite have the ideal wasp waisted figure for these pants but I've been assured they are quite wearable.

View from the rear.
Making them was like battling with the Rubic's cube. Anyone remember them? The instructions were typically Burda Magazine indecipherable and I made it up as I went along. Also I had never done vertical welt pockets before so there was a lot of 'what the heck?' going on in my brain. What I came up with to stop the pockets from being decoration only was something like this.

Three part facings with the white linen bit going behind the pocket openings, a fly (included) and a narrow stay (not included). I did not take pictures as I went in case this garment ended up in the 'Oh *&!% forget it'! pile. (Expletives deleted).
I noticed that no one in all of blog land including PR seems to have made these pants. I think they recognized the difficulties that I did not. I will do a PR review when I can. The line of these pants and the crotch curve especially fits me quite well and I like a challenge!

Ready for my close up Mr De Mille.
Happy sewing peoples.


  1. I think that these pants are better than wearable. I realy like the style on you. Do wear them.

  2. Thank you Marie-Noelle. I will definitely wear them, probably with the top not tucked in.

  3. These look just great! Nice styling, and very good fit. I'm sure you'll get lots of use from them.

  4. A pair of great white pants will be an important part of your wardrobe. They look a great fit!

  5. I love white pants - is this the pattern that Melissa used?

  6. What beautiful white pants - your sewing is fantastic. I gave up on the Burda patterns years ago - too confusing for me. Maybe I should try again - I have such trouble making pants that fit, and most end up in the bin.

    1. Thanks Patricia. I find that Burda do nice pants. I have a suspicion that the crotch curve on these pants would be a bit long on most people but when I measured the length from my front waist to back waist I realized they would be just fine. Patti Palmer has written a number of books including"Fit for Real People" about fitting patterns, including pants and I found her book a real help.

  7. Beautifully finished and great fit. I hear only bad things about Burda instructions!