Friday, 27 April 2012

New Summer Vogues

Dear Readers
The sewing blogs are ablaze with the new season summer Vogues. The LINK Here in the southern hemisphere they  haven't hit the catalogues yet and will not be available in the stores for months and months. This used to frustrate me no end in the pre - internet days. Now I can buy them straight away .......  moohoohaha. I usually resist but one in particular will be flying this way very soon. The gorgeous gorgeous Issey Miyake top and pants.


I would have to buy some dramatic silk habutae, on the stiff and crackly side .. the sort of material that looks like a giant plaid tablecloth.. and the matching silk pants. I've never made silk pants in my life and I've got a big number birthday in a couple of months.

Another item  like but won't fool myself into thinking I could ever wear is this.


Then there's this very sophia Loren number.

Even the line drawing is exquisite.

I also like this quirky hoodie dress for Magpie (football club) supporters.


If I make it it would be in the more practical but less dramatic version here, for hot summer days, in linen.

What do you like?


  1. Hi Valerie, thanks for the link to the latest Vogue patterns. Like you I have been buying them over the internet while still unavailable in Australia. I love the Issey Miyake, but ended up ordering V8813 and V8805. Happy Sewing!

  2. Nice choices Patricia. They both have definite potential. I haven't placed my order yet and and trying to be strong and not go overboard .. you know :)

  3. I have to have the Issey Miyake top for next summer. And I may just have to have V1305 for my daughter's graduation cocktail party next year. Knee length.

  4. Great choices! The hoodie dress is really cute, but there's something about that Issey Miyake top that is too cool and must be made!

  5. those were the two vogues that I ended up ordering :))

  6. Love the white long dress- very glam.