Saturday, 19 May 2012

Burda 7220 Origami Top

Hello people,
I've been having adventures in Burda land. I've finally gotten around to posting a review of a work that has been in progress for a while because I made it then had to alter it, this cute but a bit strange top.

Burda 7220

This shot shows the construction of the front piece, which is really a slightly cowl neck front with centre width added.

The back has a yoke and asymetrical pleat.

During these shots I had a choice of too much afternoon sun or too much shade. Here is an adventure in time lapse photography complete with help from the dog..BTW almost-winter here means a chance to ditch the sandals and actually get a chance to wear little boots, and I was wearing a t-shirt under the smock but it's lovely to have warm sunshine all year round!

I've written a review and here is the link because I find it takes time for it to show on my Pattern Review sidebar.. Pattern Review of Burda 7220

On other matters my daughter saw a pattern I had from the early 90's for some rather extreme happy pants (nappy pants? poo catchers?) that used to embarrass the heck out of her when I made them up in a breezy cotton and wore them all that summer. I even had big hair.

This style was revived several years ago and doesn't seem to have completely died yet. They are so simple (the back and front are exactly the same) and really comfortable in hot weather so who knows .. if I find a piece of lightweight batik next summer..
Anyway DD asked me to make her some pyjama pants out of flannel using this pattern. A trip to Spotlight and a scrap purple knit resulted in these and a very happy DD, who wants some more. If I am not careful she may end up wearing them in public.

Happy sunday everyone.


  1. Nice looking top! I especially like the asymmetric pleats.The fabric is pretty, too.
    Harem pants! I don't know why anyone would want to wear them, other than for comfort's sake. They are cute as PJ pants, though. Knowing how kids like to wear PJ bottoms in public, I wouldn't be surprised if these someday escaped from the house!

  2. Great sewing work on the Burda top, quite a tricky pattern by the looks, and a lovely fabric.
    Through selective amnesia I had managed to forget the bright pink harem pants I once owned ....

  3. Cute but a little strange is how I'd describe most of Burda's patterns - very interesting pattern and great colour on you - enjoy your winter sewing!

  4. I love that pattern - its quite unusual and looks like you've done a brilliant job with it. I love the fabric so much - just right for going in to Autumn.

    The Harem pants? I'm not so sure about them - I can do an MC Hammer dance though! xxx

  5. I agree with Mary Nanna. Burda patterns are great and always a tiny bit strange, which is why I like them so much. Your top is gorgeous. The print you chose is beautiful. And we used to call those pants Jams-- I think because that was a brand that actually made them here in the US. I remember having a pair I wore in elementary school.

  6. Your top looks so comfortable and stylish! I never know what to do with large patterns other than take it in inch by inch. You've achieved a great fit and the fabric is beautiful!

  7. The origami top is beautiful and perfect for a Sydney winter.

  8. Ooh I've been waiting to see reviews on the origami top, thanks for sharing! And the pants are awesome too XD

    1. Hey you are welcome. thanks for visiting!

  9. You might have solved my pyjama problem. I used to get harem pants from Primark but they don't seem to do them any more. I find harem pants so comfortable and, what the heck, no-one sees me in them except hubby and he thinks they're OK. Is the pattern suitable for jersey knits, I wonder?