Saturday, 14 July 2012

Art & Sewing The 18th Sydney Biennale

Dear Readers.
I have been doing a pile of practical sewing lately. My fifth (yes fifth!) pair of production line pants is on the cutting table. That will be the second pair for my daughter, who is already wearing the first pair to death and one more pair for me in deep green velveteen. Oh and from a different pattern, I've made two pairs of custom design pull on pants for my mother as a stash busting exercise. Then there's a velour top that was also a hit with my daughter that hasn't been photographed yet and quite frankly, maybe never will. My work is appreciated, which is nice, but I won't bore you with any more pants! My daughter who speaks sewing but doesn't do sewing said "Mum, You've got the ideal skinny pants sloper!" Funny how she claims not to be able to sew in a straight line.
Onto more interesting things, next week I will no longer be a lady of leisure. My knee is better and I am going back to work. After I got clearance from my doctor, I felt well enough to venture out for the day.  Yesterday was a freakishly warm spring like day in Sydney - 22 degrees celsius and so sunny. What better time to go into Sydney and catch a free ferry to the site of Sydney's biggest bi-yearly art exhibition (also free)?
18th Sydney Biennale
Cockatoo Island used to be a convict jail then a ship building works.

The following post is picture heavy, but worth it.

Pulling out from Circular Quay

Going to the left and under the Sydney Harbour Bridge

and past some expensive waterfront real estate ..

to Cockatoo Island, which is one big art exhibition!

Lets just say some exhibits are more 'what the?' than art

and others are just magical

This artwork was welded/cut from a shipping container

The shipbuilding machinery left behind is artistic in itself!

Spooky tunnels also become art works

The islands current inhabitants.

The following photos are from one of the most wonderful art works, a large collaborative piece taking up the whole rooftop space of one of the warehouses. Lots of wire and partially made clothing in silk and chiffons and velvets hanging in mid air. Mirrors dotted the edges and glass bowls full of buttons, surrounded by teapots were spread out on the long white table down the centre. A number of people had collaborated to 'sew' a light and lovely atmosphere. I enjoyed it.

One of the collaborators above and more information about the work, below.

If you click on the biennale link earlier in the post it shows the other events, including the clothing swap at the MCA on the 22nd July.

Happy Sewing everyone.


  1. Oh the Biennale looks super; I loved the sewing inspired installation. Thank you for showing it to us. Cockatoo Island sounds like a great venue. Happy sewing! xx

    1. Cockatoo Island is well worth a look all year round. It's a very interesting place and the views are stunning.

  2. I'm heading over to Cockatoo Island this morning! Can't wait.

  3. Um, I want to meet you there! Only a 14 hour plane ride away... Reading about the artist and the project is really fascinating. I'd love to be able to see it in person. Thanks for the virtual tour!

  4. Thanks for sharing the art show. Very inspiring! I'm glad to hear your knee is better.
    All those pants - do you tire of making them?

    1. Yes! The pattern has been put away for now.