Thursday, 5 July 2012

Burda Shirt 113/3/2012 and an August preview

Dear readers,
Those of you that happened upon my previous post know that my background is Russian even though I grew up in Australia and consider English my primary language. My recent time at home from work has led me to explore the Russian language again. Slowly, with the alphabet in front of me, sounding out words like a child. You know how if you don't use it you lose it? But .. I had another language embedded deep in my brain and was not taking advantage of it. No longer!
(I had been too sensitive to childhood taunts.)
Anyway here is a new feature dear readers, a link to the Russian website and a preview of the August 2012 issue. I'm still  learning my way to navigating the new site. I'll give out tips as I learn them!

On the sewing front I've been reading too many blogs. There is an interesting issue raised by a blogger about shoddy Sewing Tutorials.

Hot off the sewing machine I've just made this burda shirt, from some Liberty cotton. I was going to sew it out of some crinkle polyester I'd bought at Spotlight some summers ago but it shrank to a piece only just big enough for a little blouse. Thank goodness I'd pre-washed it! This shirt doesn't quite have the casual vibe of the burda original ..until I roll up the cuffs, which is how I wear my shirts anyway.

Burdastyle 113/3/12

Learning curve: my next shirt will have a centre back seam with a sway back adjustment built in. I need to do something about the left shoulder droop as well. But I'm being a picky perfectionist, not unheard of in the sewing world.

Happy sewing everyone. It's back to the pants production line - one for DD, two for my Mum. Gee it's nice to be popular :))
Update Edit. Here is a link to my review of this shirt on Pattern Review. I'm wondering why my widget takes so long to update. Anyone know?
Also a picture is worth a thousand words so here are the shirt with the look I was going for and the line drawings.

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. What a lovely shirt and what a lovely poem from your last post!
    Liberty cotton is my absolute favorite but I've yet to make a Liberty shirt because shirts are soooooooo harrrrrrrrd toooooo fittttttttt.
    One of these days I'll figure it out.
    I had no idea of your Russian background. How nice to have such an international heritage.

  2. Hellow Valerie, Your shirt is absolutely beautiful, and beautifully sewn, from another picky perfectionist! My shoulder are also not in sync, and I know how exasperating that can be in fitting the shirt. Do you mind sharing the Burda Pattern No? I am always on the lookout for another good shirt pattern.
    PS Soooo wonderful that you are re-learning Russian, language of the greats: thinking War and Peace, Anna Karenina, Dr Zhivago - love 'em all!! Happy sewing xx

  3. Thank you both. Patricia the shirt is from a Burdastyle magazine I borrowed from the library! Free pattern! The type I like best. It is number 113 from March 2012 issue. I am about to do a review. The fit was very good, considering the quirks of my body. The front shoulders are dropped towards the front a bit and there are back darts in the armscye where a yoke would normally go. Off to hunt up line drawings..

    1. Thank you Valerie, I'll try to hunt this one down. xx

  4. Um, I want a Liberty blouse now. I love everything about this. It's a very classic shape but the fabric makes it so happy and fun. Is it just a band collar? I like that so much better than a normal collar sometimes. I've yet to make a collar that's not too big, or at least feels that way. Just out of curiousity, did you ever live in Russia as a child? I think learning the Russian language would be one of the most difficult. Very cool.

  5. Lovely blouse, I remember sewing with a liberty cotton long ago, it was soooo comfy and easy to work with.

  6. Great blouse and the fabric is amazing. You must have some residual memories of Russian summers - aren't you cold? Sydney has been so cold this winter.

  7. Wonderful blouse! I love the print -- so pretty.

  8. What a pretty shirt! The fabric is gorgeous, and I love the detailing of the pattern. Very nice!

  9. Great shirt,lovely fabric too.