Friday, 21 September 2012

Jackets in Progress

My week was too hectic to sew anything let alone blog anything. I am going to move back to my unit but while it is empty I have had it painted and am having new blinds and window coverings put in and I'm working full time and so on. But today is Saturday and I will sew! My current sewing projects are two quick knit jackets out of grey sweatsuit material that is in my stash. One will be for my daughter from BurdaStyle pattern 121 June 2012.

My sweatsuit jacket will be a deceptively simple zip up jacket a bit like Vogue 8795

but with the zip on one side, more like this vest by this blogger who has an ebay shop No affiliation and all that, but this French girl is so stylish it's torture!

It's great idea for changeable spring or autumn weather.
I am frankenpatterning it from a Kwik Sew vest 2882 married to a Kwik Sew jacket 2895. I will line it with some semi stretchy black mesh, also from my stash.

Both are current looks and I am going to make them now not next season or down the track. This is a major change of thinking for me. I usually procrastinate and then get distracted but no more. Live now, sew now. Good motto don't you think?

Happy living everyone.


  1. Being an on-trend sewist can be a challenge, since it takes the big four pattern companies a while to figure out what is "in". Your frankenpattern idea is a good one - the only way to keep up with trends, IMO. It will be fun to see what you sew up!

  2. That is a great motto! I love the idea of a sweatshirt jacket, too.

  3. Go Valerie! You are such an innovative and clever sewist. Can't wait to see the results! xx