Friday, 26 October 2012

Butterick Cargos 5504

Dear People,
My boxes are all unpacked, including my sewing gear! I spent eight hours sorting, labeling and storing my material stash. I am so serious about not buying material that I unsuscrbed all my online pattern and material newsletters.
In my stash I found some half remembered gems, lovely stuff. I won't feel deprived!
The first thing I ran up, from some winter stash olive lightweight stretch denim was the Butterick 5504 Cargo pants that look so good on Coco of Coco's Loft. Here are mine

They are a quick, simple pull on pant with straight legs and centre front seams and deep built in pockets. They are a touch wider than any pants I usually wear on my short self but that's what heels are for right? I thought about narrowing the legs by tapering them but that would ruin the line of the pant. If I sew them again it will be in a lighter material or I'd possibly narrow the whole leg down the outside seam a bit. This is a body proportion issue on my part. The pattern itself is very nicely drafted.

Butterick 5504 by Connie Crawford

Butterick 5191, now out of print.

The top I am wearing is a modification of OOP Butterick 5191, made two years ago. The wrap over style did not suit me so I cut it down into a v-neck that meets at centre centre front, and added some black selvedge trim from another project, made my own ribbon tie and used some velcro dot fasteners.
I know my body. I know that cut away shoulders, midriff ties and long wide pants do not suit me but sometimes I feel the urge to try these things out to see if it's still true!
But as for my cargos - I like them anyway!

Happy Sewing and Stash Busting


  1. Love the blouse and the new pants are great.

  2. This is really sharp- you and Coco have changed my feelings about cargo pants- you look feminine and comfy. Love it.

  3. Those trousers are great! Love their colour! And the blouse? Wow! Love it!

  4. Your cargos look terrific! And thank you for the nice compliment.

  5. I was just thinking how much I like the shape of that top you paired with your new pants. I really like the black trim down the center. That was a great save. The cargo pants look great, too.

  6. Thank you ladies. We are all here to share ideas :)

  7. Great outfit. Love the pants. It's nice to find surprises in your stash isn't it.

  8. Love those cargos; looks like a great pattern. The fabric looks excellent, and a great find in your stash! x

  9. Considering that you feel you're wearing a collection of items that "doesn't suit you" - they all look fabulous on you! Congrats on some nice sewing.
    Joyce in WI

  10. If that is WINTER clothes, i would love to spend a winter in Australia :-)

    1. The material was originally for full length pants. You would find the Australian winter positively tropical. I used to amuse my English friends by describing how we panic if the night temperatures mid winter hit freezing one or two nights in a row and it is on the news and we all think we are going to perish..

  11. Your new pants look so comfy and stylish - it is such a versatile colour too. I don`t think the pants shorten you at all.