Thursday, 18 October 2012

Dolman sleeve top from V8765

Hello People

Has anyone seen the movie "My Life in Ruins" starring Nia Vardalos?
My Life in Ruins
Well this week of my life could have been called My Life in Boxes. I have moved back to my old apartment and I am still trying to get my life out of all the boxes and sorted and streamlined and decluttered. Organized even. You know I think I could be a minimalist if I weren't so fond of material...books...patterns. Oh ok and plants and elephants.

The last thing I sewed at my DD's was this little top.

I used the bodice of V8765, a dress pattern for wovens, as my base. I traced two sizes bigger, left off the front slit and the dart and added 12cm in length. Narrowed the sides of the neckline a little bit. I do plan to make this dress eventually, the straight skirt version.

I saw the rayon knit in Lincraft and thought it would kind of match my technicolour pants and it matched perfectly. Here's a handy hint. My favourite elastic for necklines is lingerie weight fold over elastic from Spotlight cut in half lengthways. I use the exact length of the neckline as measured by the pattern pieces. Make a circle. Serge or zig zag to the wrong side of neck, turn and zig zag or coverstitch on top. BTW my coverstitcher decided it did not like this material until I put Guterman threads up top and embroidery thread for the underside into the machine. Then it worked. I also threatened it with being thrown into the river...
Off to unpack my sewing things and maybe go for a swim. I am within walking distance of the local pool/fitness centre and it's hot today. Unpacking boxes can wait.

I'll be sewing soon. In the meantime I'll leave you with some English Halloween memories.

Happy sewing, Valerie.


  1. Perfect match and thank you for elastic tip.

  2. Love your top! You really redrafted that dress pattern! and great tip on the elastic. Hope you still have lots of your plants with you and settle in comfortably soon.

  3. Love the top - the outfit looks great.

  4. Your top looks lovely, and sure is a perfect match for those pants. You are absolutely brilliant at pattern wrangling - I am amazed that top came out of that pattern, which looks completely different! Genius :) Thanks for the elastic tip, which I will file in my ideas basket. Enjoy your weekend. xx

  5. Thank you friends. Coco, I potted some offcuts of the DD'sboyfriend's succulents this morning! Don't worry I have transported enough of my favourites to keep me happy, madonna lillies and my two favourite bonsais. The big stuff got given to the kids. I am determined to keep things minimal as far as ALL my belongings go, as I plan to move on eventually and shifting stuff is a PITA.
    Note to self : USE the stash and only the stash, please help me God...

  6. I love your new trendy orange striped top - very cheery.

  7. Orange is my favourite colour! And it looks great on you!

  8. Great look and Dolman sleeves so practical in this hot weather.

  9. I like those patterns...would like to use them for something like this...such bold colours look really good on you. Too cold for here at the moment but looks great.

  10. What a great top, it suits you really well! It's interesting to see the pattern shape too as the shoulder is more angled than I would have expected; I'm going to have to try to remember this next time I try to draft my own t-shirt!

  11. That top might even work for me :-)
    Thank you for the nice comment!

    1. Well it is almost like a French sailor top :))

  12. that top is absolutely adorable! LOVE it