Thursday, 11 October 2012

Meet Frankie

Frankenpattern that is...a casual zippered and lined jacket that is based on two Kwik Sew patterns.

Both are patterns that I have had in my stash for years and wanted to try but never got around to.  KS 2882 on the right is a beautifully drafted selection of vests. I used View B and extended the fronts and facings by 8cm from the CF, then figured out where I wanted the zip to sit, cut, inserted and put back together, feeling relieved when everything matched at the end.
The sleeves are from the KS denim jacket, another much reviewed pattern that was a hit a few years ago. They are two part sleeves made into a one piece sleeve and narrowed them slightly.
I made up my own lining. If you have never done this you just use the back and front minus the facings plus seam allowances for attaching to the facing - or you can simply cut out identical pieces to the sleeve, front and back, assemble it them pin it to the shell and cut off the excess.

 Doing a Twirl..

No, I didn't make the jeans. They are Jag jeans purchased recently. The top is a favourite Zara cotton T shirt bought in England last year that I've worn almost to death and want to replicate if I can find the right material. Finding just the right stripey navy & white cotton knit is far more elusive than it should be!
Happy sewing people, especially those of you doing Halloween and dressing up your dogs as hamburgers.
:)) Val


  1. A very successful result, I say! I really like the contrast zip and the placement of it :)

    1. Thanks Jilly. I put the zip at the very spot where the curve of the neckline begins, then matched the other side to sit at the same point but allowed for the folded bit that covered the zipper. (It all sounds more confusing than it really was!)

  2. Great casual jacket. Good fit - looks comfortable yet stylish. Very nice.

  3. Nice to meet Frankie. He looks like a great and very wearable jacket. I have a knit top that I want to replicate and I feel the same way about finding the right stripe knit. Why are good knits so difficult to find?

  4. Thanks ladies. The jacket has become a fast favourite and I want to make it up in a silk boucle bought at a bargain table in Paris that's languishing unloved in my stash.

  5. Great joining of the two patterns, with a brilliant looking jacket. You made the construction sound so easy...

  6. You are a very clever seamstress, Valerie! I am so impressed with what you do and the jacket looks so professional. Brilliant. xx

  7. Judith, it wasn't hard, it was just a fiddle. Patricia, thank you.

  8. Oh how much fun. That jeans jacket is my favorite pattern but I love how you made it really yours! You look wonderful.

  9. Clever and simple jacket.