Saturday, 17 November 2012

Pretty Ladies

Hello Peoples,

On Friday I completed some boring but very necessary sewing, tab top cotton curtains for my bedroom to go with my roller blinds and my new pale latte walls. The material is from Spotlight's home furnishings section. It is called 'Paris Couture Red'.

I pre washed it. The shrinkage was about 7cm per metre. Then it was all straight lines and a lot of measuring and re measuring.

I'd love to make every one of these outfits.

The curtains let just the right amount of light through for daytime
and add a dash of colour. A tip. A long time ago I heard a sewing expert say that it is worth the investment to use only the best thread on curtains as they are exposed to sunlight and variations in temperature, so it was Gutterman all the way. 

Ta Da!

There's enough left for a good sized throw pillow.
On another subject it's hard not to notice that Christmas is coming soon. I am thinking of making a bunch of oven mitts out of leftover material pieces and fleece for gifts but I am wondering if it is worth the effort because at the moment it's hard to find the time. On the other hand I seem to have lost enthusiasm for shopping with the crowds. Thoughts?

I'll leave you with a coupe of macro shots.

I've been doing a photo course. Can you tell?

Happy Sewing,


  1. I love your photos Val, I look forward to more.

  2. Great photos! I´m in need of one of those courses!
    Your courtains are lovely!

  3. Your photos are gorgeous! And I am about to sew some nursery curtains-- I'll be sure to use good thread now. Also, I loved your wearable muslin from your last post. I love that ikat print.

  4. I'll take off my hat for that last one :-)

  5. I hate shopping enough that I would rather make gifts. I also love the thought of home made gifts, but if time is an issue, shop on the net! :)

  6. Oh la! great curtains, boring sewing indeed, but so pretty when hung. Great pics...